All About me

Hi! My name is Silvana. I'm a married stay at home mum to two adorable children...and a Jamberry Consultant!

My love affair with Jamberry began when I was invited to a Jamberry facebook party, and I was posted a sample.

You see I loved the idea of pretty nails, but with 2 small children I didn't bother. I was lucky if my nail polish stayed unmarred for 2hrs (I kid you not!), and I couldn't afford regular salon visits.

When I put those wraps on for the first time I knew I had found a solution to my dilemma! Jamberry allowed me to have pretty nails, that stay pretty. They are easy to apply, affordable and non damaging. And as a consultant I have the opportunity to generate some extra income for our household... and share the fun!

Jamberry were only introduced to Australia in October 2015 so I wanted to jump on board in it's early days! Experience for yourself the future of beautiful nails with Jamberry.

If you'd like to chat some more about Jamberry Nails, please feel free to send me a PM or email me at



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